Candle Making Crafts for Any Holiday or Special Occasion

Who doesn’t love candles? Candle making crafts are a fun way to celebrate special occasions by making them more memorable with your customized candles. You can use old canning jars, broken pieces of crayons with a bit of essential oil for fragrance, gel candles embedded with seashells or other found objects and hand dipped candles for an elegant table setting. For the bride and groom you can make unity candles with personalized messages such as a scripture, a special poem or the couple’s initials.

Stacked pillar candles:

This type of Artisanal Hand Poured Soy Candles making crafts uses leftover wax. Melt the wax and add fragrance and color as desired. Lightly spray silicone on a cookie sheet. When the wax is about 175 to 185 degrees F pour it on the cookie sheet and allow it to cool. When the wax cools to a consistency of cookie dough use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Poke a hole in the center and leave to cool completely. Thread a pre-tabbed wick through the holes and push down all the way on the wick tab. Arrange the shapes in any design you wish. You can melt the top of each shape with a heat gun for better adhesion.

Cupcake candles:

Cupcake candles are great for birthdays. Melt wax, add fragrance and dye and place cupcake cups inside of a muffin pan. Pour wax into the cups almost to the top when it is about 140 to 145 degrees F. When the wax is starting to cool you can insert pre-tabbed wicks. When completely cool peel the cupcake cups away and place the candles on a cookie sheet. To prepare the whipped frosting wax, melt wax, add fragrance and coloring as desired. Whisk the wax as it cools until the color lightens and it looks like whipped cream. At 85 to 90 degree F scoop the wax up to the top of the cupcakes and use a fork to get the desired look. For syrup melt wax, add dye and allow cooling until thickened. You can add wax hearts or other decorations to get unique candle making crafts.

Tilted layer candles:

Great for Christmas as they look like candy canes. Melt the wax, wick your mold and fill a box with sand digging a hole large enough to fit the mold and place it at a slight angle with sand packed around it. Pour the initial layer of wax at 180 to 190 degrees F. Allow the initial layer to cool and pour the second layer about 10 degrees hotter. Repeat steps until wax is near the top of the mold, upright the mold until it is standing straight in the sand and pour the last layer. Allow to cool completely and remove the candle from the mold.

As you can see there’s a lot of candle making crafts you can make, just use your imagination…and let’s start making candles!



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