Why are bongs such an eminent other alternative?

Why are bongs such an eminent other alternative?

In no way like normal hand pipes, bongs use water to channel through trash and particles from smoke, while additionally cooling the hot smoke to a more lovely temperature that is more direct on the throat.

Bongs have kept up their perceptible quality by goodness of their principal and compelling capacity to pass on an unfathomably flawless smoking experience.

Over consistent decades, bongs have progressed into a whole natural course of action of sizes, shapes, materials, plans, affiliations, subjects, and smoke styles. DankStop plans to offer a wide confirmation of bongs online to be certain we have something for everybody.


Dry flavors or spots? If you’re essentially smoking dry flavors, you can never turn out gravely with a model holder or straight chamber bong. You’ll require a “glass bowl” affiliation, which comes standard with most bongs and goes about as a holder for your zing as you touch off it.

On the off chance that you need to utilize your bong for spotting, you’ll need to trade out your glass bowl for a “contact nail”. If you’re just utilizing wax or focuses, we propose trying a touch rig, as they are orchestrated explicitly to hold the flavor and terpene profiles of concentrates.

At home or supportive? Smokers start from moving establishments. On the off chance that you like to smoke at home, glass bongs are an astonishing choice thankfulness to their amazing look, solid new development, and basic assistance. In the event that you have to smoke in a gravity bong surge, in any case, by then a limited, solid, silicone bong or a little degree glass bong may be a prevalent fit.

How routinely do you smoke? In case you’re a bit by bit client, you’ll need something that can withstand the unavoidable “oopsies” that happen to any bit by bit driver. In the event that you smoke ordinarily you’ll in like way need a bong you can clean enough, considering the way that smoking from a filthy bong is dangerous and by and large gross. DankStop offers a wide assembling of glass cleaning answers for keep your bong clean. Remember, glass is delicate paying little regard to how thick or especially created. Make a point to ensure your hypothesis with our Glass Warranty Program, Piece Protect.


From incredible assessing utencil bongs to more unpredictable isolated bongs and recyclers, DankStop offers a wide choice of bongs to oblige your way of life paying little regard to how, what, where, or when you like to smoke.

Recepticle Bongs

Excellent Beaker Bongs

Recepticle bongs are effectively the most standard sort of bong on the planet. As a result of their strong base and direct cleaning, they’re an outstanding reaction for students and orchestrated smokers the equal.

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Straight Tube Bongs

Setting second in the all inclusiveness challenge, straight chambers are a customary bong you’ve probably found in a companions house, on a program, or in a smoke shop. Straight chambers are basic, successful, and honestly immediate.

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Silicone Bongs

A front line move to the clasic acrylic bong, Silicone bongs have detonated on the scene as of late in view of their extreme, insignificant plan and moderate worth center interests.

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Themed Bongs

Our undisputed top choice assortment, themed bongs are regularly made in restricted get-togethers by neighborhood glass specialists. These bongs fuse a game plan of focuses, for example, food, nature, characters, creatures, and that is just the beginning!

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Perc Bongs

Perc Bongs

A few bongs use “percs” (short for Percolators) to besides diffuse and cool the smoke, drawing in those of us with littler lungs to take monstrous tears without any problem.

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Why utilize a bong?

On the off chance that you’ve ever felt your throat use following to hitting a joint or a hand pipe, it’s probably accomplished by the brief contact of hot smoke on the rear of your throat. Since the smoke goes obviously from the using hot bowl to your throat, it has no an ideal opportunity to chill off to a sensible temperature.

How accomplishes a bong work?

Not in any manner like the unfiltered, direct hit of a dry line, water lines and bongs channel smoke through an office of water before it takes off up the neck to be taken in.

Upon contact with the water, the smoke is speedily cooled 40-50 degrees to a lower temperature that doesn’t hurt the throat.

Cooling smoke makes it join, so by passing on a cooler and all the more thick smoke, bongs award a client to debilitate both a more noteworthy extent of material in one hit, and at a higher rehash for the length of the day due to the smoother hit.

Bong have made in their styles, shapes, and materials (like borosilicate glass bongs), in any case the center heads of secluding smoke through water have withstood the primer of time.

Further made bongs, as alluded to above, use “Percolators” to likewise diffuse the smoke through water. “Spread” is the way toward convincing smoke through two or three little openings while cut down brought down. This cycle is done either through a percolator or a diffused downstem. By persuading the smoke through the percolator openings, the massive, single stream of smoke is segregated into different moment air pockets, accomplishing more contact with water, and further cools the smoke on its way up. Valid dissipating can bring the smoke down to a satisfying temperature, so you can esteem various hits again and again.

What are the basic pieces of a bong?

Life structures of a Bong

1. Mouthpiece – This is the spot you will take in from. Various styles and shapes are available to make an impermeable seal paying little notification to your mouth or face shape.

2. Dry zing Bowl – This is the spot you put the zing. Endeavor to crush it for a decent even consume. We also offer a gigantic arrangement of substitution and invigorated glass bowls.

3. Joint – This is the a connection between a bong and a downstem, or a downstem and glass bowl or contact nail. You’ll see “joint sizes” and “joint sexes” suggested on unequivocal things, for example, bongs, spot mechanical congregations, and glass relationship, as they are utilized to admonish is two things are reasonable to make a hermetically sealed fixed association.

Standard joint sizes meld 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, and all in both male and female groupings. You need to embed the downstem into the bong joint, and the bowl into the downstem joint.

4. Downstem – This is the long, glass tube that relates a bowl to a bong and arranges the development of smoke into the bongs water chamber. Downstems can either be “Fixed” (welded always into the correct spot) or “Removable”. Most downstems fuse such a dispersing, which isolates the smoke into smaller air pockets as it enters the water for cooling. In the event that you truly need to supplant a downstem, be certain you see how to quantify a downstem definitely.

5. Ice Catcher – These glass divots don’t simply look cool, they fill an essential need! Drop a couple of ice shapes into your ice catcher bong to get a widely cooler, smoother hit like you’ve never felt.

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