What Is A Pharmacy Assistant?

Pharmacy has become one of the most important functions of modern medical science and is a vital component of any medical facility. Pharmacy is also known as pharmacy technician and is an entry-level job in many pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.


The job of a pharmacy technician or pharmacy assistant is to assist pharmacists or physicians in the administration and handling of medications. This is one of the most common jobs available in any pharmaceutical manufacturing unit. It is usually part time as well as a part time job. Some of the common tasks in this job are taking and filling of prescriptions.

As the name suggests, a pharmacy assistant or pharmacists are responsible for handling patient related responsibilities. He can be a pharmacist, physician’s assistant, or pharmacist’s clerk.

The main function of a pharmacy technician or pharmacy assistant is to assist in handling medications. The duties include taking, emptying, packaging, labeling and storing of medicines. Other duties include preparing medication orders and preparing patient charts, maintaining records, preparing and dispensing syrups, as well as dispensing inhaler and nasal decongestants. The job description will vary from one establishment to another.

As a part-time job, pharmacy assistants can work in any medical field. As the job scope and responsibilities expand, they can work in outpatient care facilities, in hospitals or medical offices, clinics and other private medical facilities. They may also work in long term care homes.

There are some medical technology fields where pharmacy technician or pharmacy assistant is required, such as in laboratories or radiology departments. However, in most medical sectors, they can be found working with pharmacy assistants and doctors, in various health care institutions such as doctor’s offices, nursing homes, outpatient care centers, hospitals, home health care and so on.

Pharmacy technicians and assistants perform different drug preparation techniques. They are involved in drug formulation, drug handling, drug administration, and drug storage procedures. They are involved in drug conversion, drug formulation reworking, drug distribution and pharmacy labeling. They can also prepare and distribute medications to their patients.

They are important for health care institutions to have because these help to maintain the quality of medical staff by ensuring proper administration and safety of medication. The job involves supervising, monitoring and maintaining pharmacy staff in their daily tasks.

These responsibilities require that pharmacy assistants take care of several aspects of pharmacies. They must keep records of drug administration, patient records and patient safety. They are responsible for keeping pharmacy supplies. They must keep the shelves stocked and the supply of medications ready at all times.

They are also responsible in giving out prescriptions. The duties include making up prescriptions, preparing prescriptions, filling prescriptions, issuing prescriptions, giving out pharmacy supplies and dispensing medications.

The pharmacy assistants must be reliable, courteous and punctual. They must know how to handle different types of dispensing devices, such as laryngoscope, prescription pad, paper trays, and syringes.

They must always keep their patients informed about their duties, especially regarding medication side effects and how to handle the prescriptions. They must also understand the medication labeling so that they can provide the correct dosage.

The pharmacy assistant’s duties are very specific because of the fact that he has to deal with many patients, thus, it is important that he understand the medical problem thoroughly before he gives a prescription. They must be able to listen to the situation of each patient, and what he needs and can give the correct dosage to them. They must be able to understand the patients’ needs and understand his body. They should also be able to answer questions of the patients about their health and what he is going to do next.

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